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Product Simulation by Lightray Media

November 20, 2011

Make a big impact with our stunning 3D computer animation by Lightray Media

If you need to demo a product or service that is in development, with 3D animation technology, Lightray Media can create it virtually so that it can be conveyed across the barriers of time, distance, discipline and culture. By simulating the completed product or service offered, your clients will be able to visualize the finished product – helping you accelerate the sales process. Lightray’s computer animation/simulation can make it possible for you to demonstrate your product without the barriers of time and distance.

Eighty-percent of developmental costs are incurred early in the product development. These costs makes it critical to simulate the behavior of a product in 3D (animation or still frame renders) before building a prototype. This should be considered before production planning. As world-wide demand and breakthrough technologies increase the complexity of product designs, Lightray Media can help you quickly validate and release designs into production. We learn how your complex product designs and assemblies will perform in the real world. Through 3D animation, we can accurately illustrate how multiple parts and sub-assemblies are moving, or need to be mounted or replaced during the service process.

Lightray Media’s product simulation development focuses on digitally creating a product and its environment. Visual realistic, computer animation video helps the viewer to clearly visualize the process theory and functional principles of complex equipment prior to their initial training on operating procedures. These powerful computer animations are great for exhibitions and trade shows, product demos and launches, safety training, presentations, and technical sales.

We can bring more life to your product and make it as close to reality as you envisioned it by using 3D animation. 3D computer animation can communicate to get ideas across better than talking to advertise the product. To visualize the appearance of the internal section of a product, it is best viewed through 3D models and cutaways. These animations can be appleid to your Sarasota video and or Tampa video production marketing campaigns. We can also add them tol your social media marketing campaigns.

With eLearning content quickly becoming a necessary business tool, we focus our efforts to craft rich multimedia experiences for online training. At Lightray Media, we use the latest 3D animation software to help you realize your vision. We can create interactive models and animations of any product or concept. We understand that these product animations are critical in attracting investors, explaining product features, and promotional marketing campaigns.  At Lightray, we can help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competition by creating effective and compelling 3D presentations of your products or services.

Animation offers a high impact, visual hook that explains your product, shows it in motion, or possibly illustrates it solving a problem. With your video marketing and product presentation, we combine voice overs, sound effects, special effects, and a professional touch of creativity. 3D and 2D product animations are an affordable solution for showing processes or technologies that cannot be videotaped or photographed conventionally. Our team takes transformed engineering drawings and CAD files and turns them into 3D animations and motion graphics that are both technically accurate and visually stunning. We have over 18 years of experience in creating industrial, technical, and product animations for clients. These animations deliver results in marketing programs, tradeshow demonstrations, investor presentations, websites, and video marketing, Sarasota video and Tampa video marketing solutions. We can work from your photographs, product samples, engineering drawings or CAD files. Once we build and texture and the environment, we place the 3D models into a 3D virtual studio where we can create full blown 3D animations to show how your products are constructed or how they operate. We can emphasize each product’s key features and benefits.

Click on the video “Computer Animation & Simulation” on our “our services” page to see a variety of different applications. If you want to find out how Lightray Media can produce engaging computer animations that will tell your new product story better, please call our studios at 941-961-0337.


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